Wholesale Agate Store Exporter India

At Agate Store we have been actively researching the world of metaphysics for most of his life. We are in the business since since our third generation many years were spent studying spiritual healing as regaining balance of mind, body and emotions, alternative science, eastern mysticism, and anything remotely esoteric. Later our focus turned to understanding the nature of reality and our place in it.Today we are exporting the metaphysical and new age around the world, Our manufacturing in located in Khambaht, India which is the birth place of agate stone products. We are specialized in high specification Orgone Pyramids, Orgone Pendants, Gemstone Products, Agate jewelry.We are exporting various natural crystals, stones, agate and orgone products to our distributors to more than 30 countries of the world we supplies to USA, UK, Italy, Canada, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, Australia, India, around the world.Currently our passion lies in applying our knowledge and understanding of orgone technology to help humanity in the creation of the new earth.Healing is a natural energy therapy that complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person – mind, body and spirit.